Me talking to a 2 year old: I’m going to save several episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine in my pendrive and then we can watch together. O.K?

Ikram: What’s a penwife?

Have you tried to swallow a big laugh so that a little boy doesn’t get offended?

My ribs exploded into dusts. 

My Favourite Neighbor

I rarely go out but I do have a lot of visitors. One I particularly love is from a neighbor. He’s about 2 years old.

DSCN0624He is adorable, a smooth talker and a very gentle little man. Everyone in the neighborhood loves him dearly because his grandmother (his official nanny) loves to stretch her legs in the morning and she would bring him over. He’d say hi to anyone hanging out on the porch.

So he’s quite famous. When compared to other children about his age, he’s way advanced. He knew how to count, responded to bilingual instructions, (his parents graduated from the UK) have better vocabulary and charmed the pants out of everybody.

All these were in order until they sent him to the nursery.

The parents just got another bundle of joy, which carry the term ‘another job’ for the grandmother. She can’t handle the brother, the little baby and a paralyzed husband all at once so the decision was made. Every working day Ikram would spend about 10 hours at a nearby nursery.

He hated every minute of it.

No one paid attention to him at first, of course. They thought the crying every morning was normal but then he stopped talking, refused to eat and beat the heck out of his little brother, that he used to love so much.

The signs were there.

After about 7 months they found out that the nursery staffs were abusing him. It broke everyone’s heart that someone would so such a thing. The boy was so traumatized he can’t even smile at a stranger. The grandmother was relieved when he smiled at me. He connected with someone and he remembered me fondly. He awkwardly refused to talk to me though but it’s a step towards recovery.

005I am hoping to see the old Ikram again, the one that lights up when he sees a tractor or other heavy machinery.

No more morning dramas. No more nightmares. Just a little boy waking up with joy.