BFF (Part Seven)

Part Six was published on the 28th of November. CONTINUE WITH PART SEVEN (LAST PART) It came from nowhere. I can only felt a sudden, familiar breeze in the tiny cubicle and the laughter turned into a horrible, piercing shriek. It’s enough to make you forget how to breathe. I was struggling to move, to […]

BFF (Part Six)

Part Five was published on the 26th of November. CONTINUE WITH PART SIX. The torture session started early. The Form Ones at Block C was really scared of all the screaming happening at Block D. 20 prefects surrounded a crying girl in a tight circle while another 30 were bashing her. “Rude!” “Bitch!” “Shameless slut!” […]

BFF (Part Five)

Part Four was published on the 24th of November. CONTINUE WITH PART FIVE. I will never forget what happened. It completely destroyed me. I haven’t got anyone on my side. It was just me against the world. I figured that my mother would understand but I was wrong. I told half the story to mother […]

BFF (Part Three)

Part Two was published on the 20th of November. CONTINUE WITH PART THREE. Una screamed in her sleep. I was putting my homework into my cotton sling bag when my blood ran cold. It was close to 11.40. A nightmare, perhaps. She seemed a bit pale lately and doesn’t talk as much (with her friends.) […]