Catching Fire

I was really excited six months ago. Time passed so slowly and suddenly here we are. This time my heart is going to explode!

The trailers blew me away. The actors, the dialogue, the costume, don’t even get me started on the soundtracks. I was not even remotely this excited when Harry Potter came out but The Hunger Games are different.

I didn’t freak out when the first one came out. I didn’t know there was even a book. It was months after the cinemas finished showing the blockbuster that I saw the memes on Pinterest. They seemed to be funny, especially the ‘I volunteer!’ part but I was out of the league. I didn’t know why was it so funny. I didn’t understand why ‘bread’ and ‘toast’ meant so much for The Hunger Games fandom. I thought the protagonists’ names were funny too.

I am glad that I have common sense. I wanted to know why.

At that particular time I was at home. Alone. My life was falling apart. I was doing absolutely nothing, just surfing all day. I quit my last job and did not bother finding a new one. I took up this habit listening to audio books and there was a good channel with all the complete trilogy.

I listened to it once. Twice. I listened to it to the point that I could’t sleep if I missed Chapter 19 on the first book. I had to ‘read’ it everyday. There wasn’t a supply of such book nearby. So I drove 3 hours away to get it. I read it everyday for about 3 months. There’s something refreshing in the characters. Something pure, magical and strong that attracts you more and more. The words are not big ones but the message was big and clear. It’s about a voice strong enough to drown the odds. I forgot about my problems. It pales in comparison of what Katniss had to go through. All my struggles were meaningless. The book was my cure for heartache and pain. I ‘feel’ Katniss. I ‘feel’ Peeta. I ‘feel’ Panem. The connection was out of this world. Vivid. This is the closest I felt to virtual people and non-existent place.

Real or not real? That’s my favorite question.

It’s amazing how I escaped to Panem with Katniss’ guide and became the master of my fears. I see another universe conceived in such a beautiful mind. I tackled hurdles after hurdles and strike back. I watch the twist and turns in a fallen world and decide accordingly using Katniss’ observation. Some I agree and some I don’t but she taught me things I would never learn in this life.

She taught me how to be human.

I am happy with the ending. If only I could choose my ending. I struggle to be happy but there are worse games to play.