Wanderlusting Cambodia – Part I

I am quite obsessed with History. When I was about 11, I found a thick book telling all about a king called Suryavarman II and it was said he was one of most brilliant king of an empire.

Then I thought maybe I ought to see the empire, or what’s left of it.


It was a beautiful day. Perfect for sight seeing. Siem Reap was a short journey from Kuala Lumpur. We took off at about 6 AM.


The first sight was not unfamiliar since I live in a paddy planting state but there is always something foreign in first sight of another unfamiliar territory.


I couldn’t barely sleep on the first day because the next day at 4 AM I would be scaling the stairs, touching the delicately carved walls, skipping in the old court, inhaling the dust of the ruins of Angkor Archaeological Park.

It was like waiting to unwrap the gift that I ever wanted all my whole life.