I was always complaining about the weather. I’m not used to Newcastle wind or the icy air. I have always spend my life near the Equator. Now, I am bundled up in layers of clothes in summer.

“My hands are cold,” I told him several times. He did not reply. I touched his arm. His was warm but mine was more convincing as a reptile’s.

“I must be related to dinosaurs,” I said and he smiled in return.

“I got you something,” he said last week.

In his hands he held a pair of black thermal gloves. He’s either fed up with me complaining or he’s just being him, the sweet boy who brings flowers to his Mam.


Okay so this is my tumblr jar, every time someone reblogs this picture I will write their url on a piece of paper and put it in the jar, at the end of May I will be picking a url a day and sending who I pick a nice/sweet ask and putting your url paper somewhere in my school 🙂 Please reblog so I can fill up the jar. 

That’s the sweetest idea 🙂