I haven’t had this feeling since high school.


Oh, he is such a cute guy!


Why would a romantic, good looking guy like this trying so hard to get a girl like that?


Look here, I’m single!


Oh, he made that cute face again! I would die happy…


Not the commercial again. Damn you, I don’t want to buy anything from you! Shut up and let me watch him! Go sell somewhere else!

[Swearing and muttering]

It’s on again. Yes!


No. No. No one should keep them apart! Fuck you baddies! You fucking liar!


Aww..he is so sweet…Why does’t she like him? Why would anyone hate him? I would love to like him..Don’t tell him that. It’s just a misunderstanding…


Marry me! Marry me! You stupid bitch. He loves YOU! Can’t you see? Argh!!!!

[Scream at the t.v]

That is awkward. Haha! Mother-in-law should not spy on newlyweds.


What? To be continued???

[Wish to throw something at the t.v]

I hate soaps! I really do!

[Planning schedule to watch next episode next week]

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