Before final exam I received a small request from 6 students, that we should have an extra class for revision. This is the first time that it came in a voluntary request so I immediately agree.

So I took 2 hours explaining what sort of question that would come out in the finals. I gave them examples and we did some exercises.

I was confident that they would make it. These are smart students. My final questions are not that difficult.

It was 2 PM when we finished and the boys dared to ask me out for lunch.

I said YES.

The girls went back almost immediately as all of them were fasting. I wonder how would they ever survive until evening. As military personnel they are required to run, do some activities that made me think twice on fasting and the weather doesn’t help a bit so they have my respect by fasting in these conditions.

The boys are up to something. Something they didn’t dare ask in class. Something personal, perhaps.

So this is the game, eh? I’ll play.

Like I suspected, they were going to ask about my private life (like I never see it coming) but these are young boys and the role was easily reversed.

My poor little lambs are having trouble in coupledom and I was the counselor.

I am the big sister, like always 🙂

I appreciate their trust. I listened and suggested some advices. I admit that I am not good in this department but generally girls are not that complicated.

It’s the hormones that make girls difficult.

We talked some more and I asked the million dollar question.

“What would you like to be when you graduate?”

“We want to be just like you.”


“We want to be successful, just like you.”

I almost choked on my rice. What? Me? Successful? I retold the same story to a friend and we laughed like crazy witches at full moon at the punchline.

Successful like me. Sigh.

That’s a good one.

These boys are little children. They say the darnest things.

First of all ‘successful’ is not defined by all your money accumulated, the reputation/power you gained or the profession you’re in. I don’t believe that being a rich person is a successful person, or a doctor or being the head of society.

You don’t put that kind of requirement on being successful.

They are mere people doing their job. Good or bad, that one is between them and God.

They could be a doctor but every morning wake up with a bitter taste in their mouth and treat their patients like crap. A rich person doesn’t guarantee success if she inherited the money. Do you think Paris Hilton is successful? Honestly? A head of society is as dumb as other people if he sees the wealth of the nation as his or his family’s and distribute it amongst them.

Strip away everything and they’re not as successful as they are now.

I think each person defines their own success.

A successful person can be anyone you see today. The same person that wakes up in the morning singing his heart to his favorite song beaming like the sun. He can’t wait to start his day brightening other people’s day because it’s a beautiful day and he is important in his own way.

Be it he sweeps the road at noon or a reception at a hotel or just a plain student going to his favorite class. If you are happy doing what you love most from the break of dawn till you sleep at night and ready to tackle the same feat the next day in order to fulfill your own purpose, then you are successful in my eyes.

I would consider myself lucky if I meet a person truly committed to his/her job. He/She does everything effortlessly and attend to you like you are the best thing that ever happened to him/her.

I was once in that bubble. My happy bubble.

I think anyone in their happy bubble is successful. It doesn’t matter what happened to the World, their friends or family, nothing can take them away from their dreams and achieving it.

I don’t think the boys understood my point that successful is not attained by being smart or educated or rich or fluent in a foreign language.

Maybe one day they will. I did my job. I planted a tiny seed and it will grow.

As for me, I would like to acquire another bubble.

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