Each of us is born with different set of values. It’s all determined from what you have learned from your parents, your culture, your society and the environment you’re exposed. No one could possess the same quality, be it coming from the same family, age, gender or race.

So we’re unique. Big deal. Everyone knows that but when you look around, you realize that they are many ignorant people that hurts people in a way that they could never imagined.

I think many people doesn’t understand that being different is not considered wrong.

I can’t talk about moral. I never learned it. I picked it up and try to understand it as I go along.

You can’t see moral, but you see people. So this people possessing these values are blamed for the difference they make especially the ones recognized as mistakes. Punishments follow pursuit, mentally or for unfortunate ones, physically.

Here’s what happen.

Life takes place. You, as a human being are wired to communicate with others. You start to meet people. You agree with some people but more often than not you can’t seem to agree on certain value possess by the certain people that you know.

What do you do?

You punish them of course. It’s a by-default reflex. Anyone that doesn’t add up to your surrounding is considered a threat. It’s in Civilization 101. Basic survival skills.

And you think that’s fair? Who are you actually to judge people? Are you good enough, perfect enough to brand other people as good or bad? What is good, and what is bad?

I know as a Muslim and many who considered them pious (who does everything in the book to gain points for the surprise they will get hereafter) will think them as good people (I don’t know why) and smirk at people who makes mistakes as if they never did such crime.

They complain about everything to everyone.

For example, that person doesn’t wear hijab, smokes or wears a bad shirt to the office, or that girl is pregnant without getting married, this person sleeps with anything on skirt, got a disease and begs for mercy, that person is a thief, this girl is such a stupid girl she quit school after 15, that dress makes her look like a whore, etc.

Just who do you think you are? You don’t even have the right to do so. It makes you sound more stupid than you are.

Sorry, but God is just. Don’t start humiliating people or He could do just the same to you.

Whatever mistakes done is done. Don’t repeat the story to other people so that maybe other people might learn from their ‘stupid’ mistakes and gain more unintellectual comments from other third world community.

Or maybe I should just remove these people from my consciousness.

Makes me ill.

P.S : You can hate me or hate my opinion. For the record, stupid is not an insult, ignorant is. There is great difference when you don’t know something and when you don’t want to know something. One is curable and the other one is not.

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