I woke up at about six but I can only drag my feet to the bathroom at seven. One hour already? What happened to the 60 minutes? All used up? But I haven’t started with anything yet.

I looked at the person in the mirror looking back at me.

Hey, it’s another day. You should be happy.

No response.

Something wonderful will happen!

No comment.

You’ll meet new friends and have unforgettable conversation.


Come on. Be positive. It’s not that bad.

No. It’s bad. The weight is getting heavier everyday. I can’t support this much longer.

But what more can you do? You have no choice!

You know exactly what’s happening. You’re drained and crippled inside. And you dare pretend not to notice?

I did. I am doing this for our own good. We can’t afford to beg nowadays. Be patient. The wheel is turning. We will soon take our turn on top.

I don’t really care about anything at all. That says something. It’s not all right. You have to do something. Anything!

We can start with a smile.

For what? I can’t do that. It’s too heavy.

No. Just try. Little curves to the left and right, upwards. Show me how do you do it. When was the last time you smiled?

Can’t remember. I was busy lifting the weight.

Can you try now?

Horrible! It’s that it? It can’t possibly look like that? What a weird little thing! Don’t make me do it again!

You’re actually quite good at it.

Really? [SMILE]

Would I ever lie to you?

[SMILE] I got distracted. What were we talking about? Yes! About the heavy weights. Please take them off my shoulders. Makes me nauseous and ill. My back hurts, my feet, my shoulders all sore from the stupid weights. Need I say more about the mountains? The climb makes them just unbearable.

But we’ll get there, won’t we?

Yes, but isn’t there any short cut to the top? I’ve heard rumors. You went down the bend, into the bushes, across the river, cross the marshes and around the swamp and voila!

We can do it if you want to but didn’t they warn you about the danger of the river and the marshes and the swamp? Dirty beasts and dragons and monsters. You can’t possibly want to go there.

Anything to release this heavy weights at the top.

We’ll take turns. You pick the road.

What if we got lost?

Doesn’t matter. We’ll learn. The next turn we try to make a correct one.

What if it’s not?

We’ll learn to read the signs carefully this time. You can’t be wrong all the time. Even a stopped watch is twice right in a day.

[SMILE] You won’t regret this?

No. With you? Never.


Is it that heavy when you smile?

I barely noticed it.

I thought so.

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