Here I am attaching some snippets of my old journal. I think it’s quite neat.

Somebody gave me this frog origami. I can’t remember who did. Like many things, I put it on my journal.

Our Spanish Teacher took us to see a Puppet Show in Bangsar.

Who would believe I still hold on to this simple pamphlet distributed 7 years ago? The Puppet Show revolves around a famous Spanish novela that I found out just before seeing the show. I end up reading Don Quixote in my spare time – in preparation for the big day. Hoping for a long verbal abuse in a language that I struggle to conjugate, I was quite disturbed that the show was staged mute, except some sort of invented gargle used by the puppeteers to ‘set’ the story.

Spanish class was my only escape to another world. Every word, however small, was written again and again and I dug deeper and deeper looking for something that I have no idea what was it for. I was a voracious student and this only happened in 3 subjects – History, Geography and now Spanish.

So when the Profesor mentioned there was a scholarship to Spain, I knew I had to get it.

The interview was held on my birthday. I crossed my fingers hoping that this surely meant something. A gentle hint perhaps.

Birthday wishes to myself – 22nd

Now you can see that I like illustrations and colors.

It seemed forever but when the result was out, I was with my sister in a vacant cyber cafe. I thought I read wrong but every fibre of my being was shouting that this was for real.

Semester holidays never felt so good.

When I found out that I got the scholarship

I immediately did my homework. I looked for a house online because I don’t want to live with other students. That’s not how I roll. I wanted to get to know this city. Barely speaking Spanish, I picked up speed with simple conversation online. I was quite determined to get to my rented room without much hassle so as any nerd would do, I printed a copy of the train webs on a piece of paper and another is still in my head.

Memorizing train stops in Metro Madrid

I never got lost in Madrid. I can even guide tourists through the hidden maze around Sol (the city center)

Crazy thing, this adventure. Early in the morning, I swear I could smell summer sometimes.

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